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"Capture Your Love in Color - Live Wedding Painting"

I am based Chicago, IL.

My live painting service starts at $1,800, including at least 6 hours of painting and entertainment for your guests. Our collaboration will start with a 60-minute consultation, in which we will go through canvas size, budgeting, and creative decisions. My paintings are typically complete before the end of the night. 

The first 2 hours of travel are free. Shipping is professionally handled by FedEx and fully insured. 


Size and Pricing

16 x 20 - $1,800

18 x 24 - $2,200

20 x 24 - $2,400

24 x 30 - $2,600

Additional paintings of bouquets, rings, and other sentimental items

6 x 6 - $80 each

10 x 10 - $150 each

Live Wedding Portfolio

Additional pricing includes travel, shipping, tax

Gifts such as prints of the painting can be ordered at a separate cost

Paintings from photos may be done at a commission price.

I am #womenowned #asianowned #veteranowned


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