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About Taka Miyagi

Taka Miyagi (高宮城), is an Okinawan-American painter best known for her eclectic style and calligraphic lines. Her childhood began on the island of Okinawa where she was shaped by the post-war strain between the Okinawan locals, American military, and the Japanese government. 


As High School approached in 2008, her family sought unexpected refuge and relocated to the United States where familiar racial tensions drove her to seek solace in painting. Upon graduation, she joined the Air Force and spent 6 years in Tampa. Now, she calls Chicago, IL home and aspires to bridge the confusing Okinawan-Japanese-American relationship through her work. 


Artist Statement

My work is an amalgamation of my culture, abstract expressionism, and the natural beauty that surrounds me. Each painting reflects my unique perspective and understanding of the world. I invite you to explore my portfolio and discover the beauty and passion that I have poured into my art.

Interested in Patronage of the Arts? 

Patrons are the backbone of bringing my larger and more curated works to life. Patronship often involves an offering of studio space, financial support, or networking opportunities to contribute to my art. Other examples include large commissions, on-going collections, gallery space etc. As a beneficiary of patronship, I provide clear goals to create a mission oriented patronship. To learn more about my ideas in fruition, email me here



Artists' Hub of Ace Basin

Resident Artist and Instructor

2022 - 2023

The Knot and Wedding Wire 
Approved Vendor


Future Frost at Navy Pier

Curated by Tuan Jones 

Chicago, IL 

Dec 14 - Dec 28, 2023


Portraits of Feminism in Japan

Kanno Sugako

University of Michigan

Jan 2023 - PRESENT

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